Xenus+Barracuda Tech Workshop: 13 Email Threat Types To Know About Right Now

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Thank you for attending the“13 email threat types to know about right now" tech workshop with Xenus and Barracuda on 11 November 2021. We hope this workshop has benefited 13 participants a great inspiration on that 13 email threat types and get tips on such prevention. Most participants experienced the Email Threat Scanner from Barracuda after the fake email demonstration shared by our Senior Solution Consultant, Kirby Tsang. The cross-certification validates your IT knowledge enhancement. Remember to display your certificate in a high-traffic area of your office. Congrats on your new certification! If you are interested in any IT services from Barracuda, please contact us at 3900 6700 or send your enquiries to e-info@xenus.com.hk A little award can go a long way with Xenus Technology Limited, and we thank you for expressing recognition from Microsoft over the “Top Surface Partner” that we worked hard towards. Your appreciation and encouragement inspired us to keep motivating.
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